Day 2 – Anglesey to Towyn

Day 2 – July 23rd – Porth Twywn-mawr to Towyn

Day 2 takes us from our starting point at North Tywyn-mawr where we will round Holy Island before heading out into Cymyran Bay for the long, direct crossing to Towyn.

This will be one of our most treacherous days. We will be venturing about 15 miles out to sea and will have to remain in our kayaks for up to 10 hours. We have chosen to take this route rather than hugging the coastline to give ourselves the greatest chance of making Tenby inn the 9 days we have allowed ourselves.

We will be well equipped for this day, but it will certainly be a test of strength skill and stamina. Being sat down for so long will present its own challenges but this will be a very exciting part of the challenge.

See the map at the bottom of the page for an idea of where we’ll be heading.

Porth Towyn
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Day 2