Day 7 – Pont y Meddyg to St David’s

First job of Da 7 is to head across Fishguard Bay and round Strumble Head which is  one of the best sites in Britain to view cetaceans, particularly the porpoise which can be spotted in the tidal races around the headland. If we get to see any cetaceans, it’s sure to raise the spirits of the team and ease the aches and pains!

The headland has been the site of numerous ship wrecks. A French shipwreck, possibly from the last invasion of Britain, was found nearby in 2003.[3] The Bardse of the Pile of Fowdrey was wrecked off Strumble Head on 3 October 1763 laden with a cargo of iron and copper from Wicklow bound for Chepstow under its Master, John Kennel.[4] Another notable wreck was the barque Calburga in 1915, one of Canada’s last square rigged sailing ships.

After Stumble head we’ll take the most direct route we can to St. David’s Head, Described in a Roman survey of the known world in 140 AD as the ‘Promontory of the Eight Perils’. Sounds ominous! See the map below for the route.

North Treffynnon near St David’s
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Day 7