Day 8 – St David’s to Marloes

Day 8 is the last day that the crew will be heading South. After leaving Whitesands Bay, we’ll head towards St. Bride’s Bay. Here we will have to decide whether we want to cross the bay directly or take the safer option of sticking closer to shore. This will very much depend on conditions.

Either way, we’ll end up rounding Wooltack Point and then head past Gateholm Island, either on the East Side or the West Side, depending on the tide state. Gateholm featured prominently in the 2011 filming of the Snow White and the Huntsman film where a computer-generated castle was superimposed on the island in post-production.

We will end up on the beach at Marloes Sands. See the full route on the map below.

Gateholm Island
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 13.05.11
Day 8