I see the sea!

Only seven days to go! 

I can’t wait. I’m a wild mix of anticipation, worries, excitement and a strong sense that we’ll succeed.

So today I am sitting looking over the ocean at South Stack, on the Isle of Anglesey studying the tide. We have to make sure that we pass this area at exactly the right time on Day 2 otherwise we will be fighting a very strong tide. It so beautiful here today and the sun is out.  It really doesn’t get much better than this!

We called in at Nigel Dennis Kayaks to have a look at one of his Romany kayaks as a loan boat and to talk to their Celtic paddle expert about a replacement spare one for me. Each of us will need to carry a spare paddle with us just in case we lose one in rough seas or if one breaks, There’d be nothing worse than having to come back in on half a paddle or no paddle at all!. James at NDK was very helpful and built a paddle to match mine but with a smaller blade size. They were extremely generous and donated it to the challenge which was a very generous gesture.

Last week Dave and I paddled around Puffin Island. It was a short training session but involved 2 miles of rough seas on one side of the island so we were very happy to turn the corner in to flat seas, and to be greeted by lots of seals enjoying the sun. The best part of the day was just sitting there watching all their faces looking at us then having a big seal come up to my kayak and chew on my rear toggle. Unfortunately we missed the photo opportunity but who knows what opportunities we will have on our adventure.

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