Jackie Legg

Jackie Legg – Trustee

Jackie has been married to John for 24 years and is very happy to see him getting fitter and healthier for this challenge. And the bonus is she’s getting healthier with him.

Jackie Legg

Luckily Jackie shares John’s passion for the oceans and they do most things together since their first campaign OIP in Taiji in 2010. Jackie is a Trustee of the charity and a Director of Sea Shepherd UK Trading. “It sounds a bit posh saying I’m a director but the truth is 98% of the time is packing t-shirts and hauling sacks to the post office”

Jackie admits that her commitment to Sea Shepherd was tested ( for about 5 minutes) knowing that John could get a custodial sentence for trying to stop a gunman shoot a seal from a public beach. “It would have been so easy to just accept a caution, especially as our eldest son was getting married, but John knew we had to fight this as the case was about much more, and Sea Shepherds don’t compromise and don’t back down!”

“Sea Shepherd were amazing and supported John all the way hiring a great team to defend him”

When John came up with this idea to raise money to repay the legal fund that kept him a free man Jackie said the prison time might have been shorter and easier. Although Jackie is not a competent enough kayaker to attempt this challenge she will be supporting the team from land.

“I had a vision of my retirement and Sea Shepherd wasn’t in it. I loved them, but I was happy to be a donor and support those on the front line. I never dreamed I’d end up as one of them. It’s funny the path that life can sometimes take you down”

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