John Legg

John Legg – Senior Volunteer & “The Taiji Weatherman”

John is a Senior Volunteer with Sea Shepherd UK (SSUK) as well as  the merchandising co-ordinator for the UK. John is also the legendary “Taiji Weather Man”, providing detailed daily weather updates for the millions of people who follow what happens in Taiji, Japan during the dolphin hunting season.

As well as having partaken in numerous campaigns for Sea Shepherd (see below), John has been at the forefront of fundraising for SSUK through his innovative merchandising ideas. Thanks to John’s team, dozens of volunteers around the country are equipped with merchandise kits, enabling us to attend more events than ever before, raising vital funds and educating event goers about the dangers facing our oceans and marine wildlife.

John and his formidable wife Jackie (a Trustee of SSUK) organise regular beach cleans near their house in North Wales. John is also a trained Marine Mammal Medic through the BDMLR.

A keen water sports enthusiast, John has been kayaking for many years, but the Paddling for Freedom challenge will be his toughest trip yet by quite some way.

Campaigns John has undertaken with Sea Shepherd (click for info):
Cove Guardian Campaign (Taiji) 2010, 2011, 2012
Scottish Seal Campaign 2014, 2015
Operation Bloody Fjords (Faroe Islands) 2017
Ghostnet Campaign 2018 (Coordinator & Boat Captain)

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