Mark Muschamp

Mark Muschamp – Senior Volunteer

Mark is a Senior Volunteer with Sea Shepherd UK, having been involved with the charity since 2013.

During his time as a volunteer, he has undertaken a number of ridiculous challenges to raise money. In 2013 he walked 85 miles non-stop from Cheltenham’s Cleeve Hill to Black Mountain in Wales via The Worcester Beacon on the Malvern Hills. In 2014 he walked from his house in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire to the Japanese Embassy in London without taking a break. A total of 125 miles in 59 hours. Not content with pushing himself to breaking point on the walk to London, in 2016 he and a team of 6 volunteers walked and kayaked the entire length of the UK’s longest river, The Severn, a total of 222 miles.

As well as the Paddling for Freedom challenge this year Mark will also be completing the Tames Path Challenge with
other Sea Shepherd Volunteers, walking 100km non-stop to raise more funds and more awareness of the need to protect our oceans.

When he’s not trying to exhaust himself on challenges, Mark attends events around the UK doing public speaking on behalf of SSUK at schools, universities, shows, exhibitions and festivals.

Campaigns Mark has undertaken with Sea Shepherd (click for info):
Cove Guardian Campaign (Taiji, Japan) 2014, 2015
Scottish Seal Campaign (Scotland) 2015
Operation Bloody Fjords (Faroe Islands) 2016, 2017 & 2018
Ghostnet Campaign 2018 – Boat Crew & Co-Coordinator

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