Our first milestone

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve hit our first milestone of £500. We’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve been shown and would like to thank everyone who has donated so far.

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Training Day – To there and (bad) back.

Paddling For Freedom team members John and David hit the water around the island of Anglesey yesterday as part of their training for the challenge.

John was assisting David with his Sea Kayaking Level 3 qualification. They had a great training session, including some rescue work, but unfortunately the day was cut short due to a recurring back pain that David has. He’s working hard to get it sorted prior to the challenge and we’re confident he will. We’re also confident he’ll have his Level 3 certificate very soon!

The training is ramping up now, with work in the gym, on the hills and most importantly on the water. As with all big challenges, many months of work go into making it a success. Unlike many challenges, this one requires a lot of safety training too. We want to be as responsible as we can so we are practising self recovery techniques as well as using teamwork to rescue each other. We can’t take any chances out at sea!