Rob Read

Rob Read – Chief Operating Officer

Rob is a long standing supporter of Sea Shepherd’s actions (first having heard of Sea Shepherd in 1993). In 2006 Rob became more actively involved with Sea Shepherd as a volunteer and then later as an area coordinator in the UK.

Rob represented Sea Shepherd at protests outside the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting on the islands of Madeira in 2009 and coordinated the protests and media for Sea Shepherd at the IWC meeting on the island of Jersey in 2011. Rob was commended as ‘Sea Shepherd Coordinator of the year 2011 and in November 2011 joined the Board of Trustees of Sea Shepherd UK.

In August 2013 Rob helped helped organise and launch Operation GrindStop 2014 and since December 2013 has been the Chief Operating Officer of Sea Shepherd UK. In 2014 and 2015 Rob coordinated Sea Shepherd UK’s Seal Defence Campaign around Scotland’s East and North coasts and out to the Orkney Islands. Rob also works on Operation Bloody Fjords with Sea Shepherd Global and helps oversee Operation Infinite Patience in Japan which has been a Sea Shepherd UK lead campaign since September 2016.

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