The Route

The route for the nine days of our challenge covers some 250 miles (400km) around the Welsh coastline, starting at the most Easterly point of the island of Anglesey and ending at the popular Pembrokeshire beach of Tenby.

On our expedition, we will encounter some of the UK’s most beautiful and most treacherous coastline. At times we will be staying relatively close to the shore (within a mile or two) and at other times we will be in the wide open waters of the Irish Sea.

We will be undertaking the challenge mostly unsupported, with the exception of day 2 where we will venture far out to sea (approximately 12 miles out). On that day, we will recruit the services of a support boat for a very short period of time, to enable us to get supplies and take a well-earned lunch break.

At night we will be camping close to the shoreline and we will carry all the equipment we need to be self sufficient.

To find out more about where each day will take us, click on the images below.